Sunset Church of Christ

"The churches of Christ greet you" - Romans 16:16


We are pleased to make our resources available for your edification


Please feel free to re-print and use these tracts. Our information has been removed from the tracts so that you can stamp your own contact or church information into the bulletin.

List of Tracts


We have created these class materials for our own use, but you are welcome to download and use them for your own studies. Items marked as PDF are contained in a single unit, while others will take you to another page with individual downloads. These are study aids only, and as such could potentially, unintentionally contain error. Never substitute man-made study material for the inspired Word of God.

Current Study

Your Adversary the Devil

(8 Lessons, PDF)

The False Doctrines, Revelation, You Ought To Be a Teacher, and Proverbs materials are also available on Amazon as paperback class books with the titles "Doctrines of Demons", "Understanding the Revelation of John" and "Breaking out the Proverbs", respectively.